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Join Living Lands &Waters this May as we kickoff the third official year of our Invasive Species Removal Project at Illiniwek Forest Preserve in Hampton, Illinois. Volunteers get down and dirty as they work in teams to chop, lop, and pull invasive honeysuckle to make room for the native wild flowers and other greenery to repopulate. This project has instant gratification that can’t be beat! As you explore the trails, the one and only “A-Team” bus will be in full force with the crew DJ keeping the beat and taking requests. If you’ve been waiting for your moment to shine…it’s here! Climb aboard the bus and debut your karaoke skills! Finish out the day with an amazing view of the Mississippi River from the scenic overlook, and enjoy lunch on us! Every volunteer receives a custom LL&W bandana!

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**Due to the nature of the work, we ask that no volunteers are under 16 years of age**

How can I volunteer?

2016 dates are now full.

When will this project occur?

May 4-5, May 7, May 11-23, May 14, May 18-19, May 25-26

Alternative dates may be available. Please contact for more information.

Times will either be 9am-11am or 1pm-3pm with lunch provided.

What is an invasive species?

A species is invasive when it is both non-native to the ecosystem in which it is found and capable of causing environmental, economic, or human harm.

Why is this project important?

These species have the ability to invade natural systems and proliferate, often dominating in a community and sometimes to the exclusion of native species. Non-native invasive species typically displace native flora because they have faster growth rates, efficient dispersal mechanisms, and tolerance of a wider range of conditions.


Email: / Phone: 309.236.6599