Site Coordinators

GMRC cleanups happen in all shapes and sizes! Whether you and a friend decide to walk the shorelines, or you are able to organize 200 volunteers with boats–we’ve had families, classrooms, and communities hold GMRC’s! You pick the time/date/location that works best for you. Participating is completely free! We provide garbage bags, gloves, and a t-shirt or water bottle for each volunteer. We just ask that you complete a garbage log and have all volunteers complete our waiver.

Click here for a list of potential Site Coordinator Responsibilities.

Smaller Cleanups:

Things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to scout your location before your event and make sure there is adequate trash to keep your volunteers busy!
  • Obtain the appropriate permission to work on your location.
  • Timeframe- Most LL&W cleanup’s are held 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm. Be sensitive to weather, volunteer age, and type of location when planning.
  • Have a plan to get rid of you garbage BEFORE your cleanup. Be sure you have the appropriate help with vehicles. Many times, local businesses will donate use of their dumpster if you ask! It’s a good idea to lookup local recycling centers, and note what items may cost money to drop off BEFORE your cleanup! Tires are a common item that will cost! Check out Bridgestone’s Tire4ward Program!

Larger Cleanups: The majority of cleanups will be facilitated by locally-based site coordinators, who armed with LL&W’s guidance and assistance will help recruit volunteers, locate boats & drivers for transporting volunteers, solicit donations for supplies, identify disposal facilities, and more. Communities and local site coordinators choose the date that works best for their town.