Recycle Like A Rockstar

And where exactly does all of the trash go?

With the help of Bridgestone, we are able to recycle/repurpose all of our tires, we scrap all of our metal (proceeds going back into fueling the organization), and we hand sort through all of our bags through our Recycle Like A Rockstar Events.

Many people ask, “What is the most common thing you find when cleaning the river?” By far, the most common item we pick up is the plastic bottle. Living Lands & Waters (LL&W) team and volunteers pick up tens of thousands of plastic bottles every year in addition to hundreds of aluminum cans and glass containers.

These events happen on a need be basis (when the barge gets too full), so we do not have an ongoing need for volunteers.

Check out our time lapse videos from: 2013 Recycle Like A Rockstar or 2014 Recycle Like a Rockstar!