Student Educational Workshops

IMG_1578LL&W hosts FREE one-day workshops for students aboard our floating classroom! It’s a memorable trip and is sure to make a difference in the way that our youth think about their use of consumer goods and disposal of trash. Help inspire a new appreciation for our nation’s rivers by registering your class!

Register for a fall student educational workshop on the Ohio River HERE!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What activities does the workshop include?

Our educators offer an experience that involves numerous activities and discussions teaching students the importance of consumer goods disposal and keeping rivers clean. All of our activities are hands-on and appropriate for grades 7-12 and even college.

Students participate in two lab activities of the teacher’s choice, one before lunch and one after lunch.

Click HERE to view the list of LL&W’s hands-on lab activities and choose the two that best fit the needs of your curriculum.

What's a typical workshop like?

9am:                      Meet at boat ramp; introductions to staff; safety talk; boat ride to barge

9:20am:                Tour of barge; presentation on history of LL&W, its operations and programs, and bizarre examples of trash we’ve found over the years

10am:                    Break; Lab Activity #1

11:30am:              Lunch

12:00pm:             Lab Activity #2

1:30pm:                Wrap-up; teacher evaluations; student surveys

1:45pm:                Boat ride back to boat ramp

How long does the workshop last?

The one-day workshop is from 9am-2pm. If this time does not work, we can make other arrangements.

Is the workshop really free?

The workshop is absolutely free. There is no charge to the school. We even offer bus scholarships to schools in financial need.

How many students can I bring on the barge?

Our classroom can accommodate up to 40 students per workshop. All students will be required to fill out a waiver before participating in a workshop. For a printable copy, click here.

Do I need to bring chaperones?

We strongly recommend that schools bring 1 chaperone for every 10 students. Administrators, school security staff, parents, substitutes and other teachers make great choices for chaperones.

Where can I find the waiver?

All students will be required to fill out the waiver before participating in any workshops. For a printable copy, click here.