These FREE workshops bring teachers and students to the river to learn about the value of clean water, waste reduction, and the importance of recycling—using the work and operations of LL&W as a visible example of their importance.

Here’s what teachers had to say about our river education  workshops:

“Fun, educational day. Love the hands-on activities.” – Dionne Tingley, Washington Junior High School

“This was fantastic! Thanks for the opportunity to take part.” – Scott Black, Wilton High School

“I enjoyed watching them interact with each other, other students, and your staff. Nice to see their confidence in answering questions and performing the lab.” – Stacey Rector, Mediapolis High School

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by the comfort and roominess of the barge.” – Jackie Leach, United Township High School

“The whole experience will be something they remember.” – Stephanie Peterson, Galva High School