Our Stats

PicSince 1998, we’ve worked on 24 rivers, in 21 states and, with the help of more than 100,000 volunteers, we’ve removed 9.8 million pounds of debris from U.S. waterways. Check out our 2017 End of Year letter and stats for the most up to date information.

Program Statistics

Educational Workshops | Since 2011,  we’ve hosted 382 educational events and over 11,000 educators and students aboard our barge.

MillionTrees Project | We are excited to announce that we gave away our 1 millionth tree in May of 2016 and are still going strong!

Adopt-A-River Mile | Last year, the project expanded to cover all U.S. waterways and we currently have over 244 adopted rivers along the 12 U.S. river options.

Invasive Species Removal | Although ISR has been a frequent project for LL&W in the past, the first “official” year of the Invasive Species Removal project kicked off in May of 2014. We’ve worked with over 1,000 volunteers to remove almost 90 acres of invasive species.

Great Mississippi River Cleanup |  Since the GMRC officially started in 2010, we’ve hosted 105 sites, and with the help of 8,220 volunteers to remove 513,782 lbs of debris.

Alternative Spring Break | We’ve worked with more than 1,000 students at ASB events through the years to remove over 1 million pounds of trash.

Community Cleanups | We’ve hosted 1,091 cleanups in 21 different states.

If you have any questions please contact mike@livinglandsandwaters.org.