Our Fleet

Our Living Lands & Waters fleet now includes five barges, two towboats, six workboats, two skid steers, an excavator, five work trucks, a crane and a large box truck. We couldn’t do our work without our fleet, and invite you to learn more about our capabilities!


  • “House Barge” | Our “home away from home” was created in 2011 and is 150′ x 35′ (under the green roof). The hull was built in 2011 by Yager Materials in Owensboro, Kentucky. The headquarters, dorm rooms and classroom were built by Union Laborers. Our house barge is powered by solar and has a generator for backup and to power our major appliances. In total, the barge has male and female lavatories, one office, a full kitchen (galley), eight bedrooms, multiple closets, a full basement for storage and a 31,000 gallon water tank.
  • Garbage Barge (150’x35’) | Built in 1966, the garbage barge is surrounded on three sides with 10-foot high fencing. Almost everything that goes on this barge is recycled at our Recycle Like A Rockstar event.
  • “Crane Barge” (80’ x 26’) | This barge has a 3,000 lb. boom crane and is where we unload all of our boatloads of garbage so we can separate it for recycling.
  • “CORPS Barge” (110’x32’) | Built in 1953, this barge holds all our tires, and scrap metal. Bridgestone takes 100% of our tires to be repurposed, and we scrap all the metal (proceeds go directly back into operations). Check out our Recycle Like a Rockstar to learn more about our recycling.
  • Excavator Barge (150′ x 32′) | September 2, 2015 we launched our newest barge in Owensboro, KY. This barge will be moved with our new mini-tug boat, and home to our 210G LC Excavator.

Click here to take a virtual tour of our barges!

Other eco-friendly features:

  • Steel trusses salvaged from a flooded strip club
  • Reclaimed barn tin serves as outdoor siding
  • Recycled license plate awnings
  • Fence posts on upper deck are made from stalk rolls of combine corn heads
  • Fencing for upper deck is recycled from steel sheets used to laser-cut farm implement parts
  • Railings for spiral staircase made of reclaimed rebar
  • Recycled barn board flooring and cabinets in kitchen
  • Sustainable bamboo flooring throughout the hallway, bathrooms, and classroom
  • Beetle kill pine wood ceilings throughout the entire interior
  • Eco-friendly concrete countertops in restrooms
  • Incorporated old bridge girders on exterior
  • All water conserving faucet/shower hardware
  • Energy star appliances
  • Tankless on-demand water heater
  • All classroom chairs are made from 25% post-consumer waste and are 100% recyclable
  • Bedroom carpet made from 25% post-consumer waste
  • Interior paint contained no VOCs

M/V River Cleanup 2: Built in 1959, the M/V River Cleanup 2 is 50’x 24’x 5’ and 1,000 horsepower/triple screw, equipped with three John Deere RG 6090 engines.


M/V River Cleanup: LL&W acquired this tugboat in 2001. This was the organization’s first towboat which was sold in 2011, and repurchased in 2016 . Cut down by Yager Marine in 2017, this 24′ tug can be operated by any crew member. It’s purpose will be to push the excavator barge during excavator cleanups!

Boats: 5 – 30 ft. custom built, aluminum plate boats with custom built trailers. Powered by four-stroke Honda engines between 90-135 horsepower each












  • 2009 Chevrolet Express 3500 (Bus)
  • 2007 Chevy Silverado 3500, a.k.a. “Beefcake”
  • 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500, a.k.a. “Slick”
  • 2005 Dodge Ram 2500  a.k.a “Washington”
  • 2004 Chevy Silverado 2500, a.k.a. “Black Chevy”
  • 2004 Chevy Silverado 2500, a.k.a. “Super Truck”
  • 2011 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD a.k.a “Duper Truck”
  • Mini Van



  • Broderson IC-300 15 Ton Crane
  • 2- Caterpillar Skid Steer Loader Series 216
  • John Deere Gator
  • 2006 Trail King Flat Bed Trailer
  • 1998 Wildwood Camper/Trailer
  • 210G LC John Deere Excavator (Custom 50 Reach – Grapple Bucket)